1. AirPods - Having problems with your AirPods?  Click this link for Apple support. 

2. Trackers - Having a problem with your tracking device? We have complied of FAQ pages for the most popular tracking device companies.

3. Trackeroo

  • Q1: What trackers do not fit into the Trackeroo?

          A1: The 2nd Generation Tile Mate (model T3001 - non-replaceable battery).

                 TrackerR pixel.  Recommended trackers are here (link).


  • Q2:  Is the Trackeroo compatible with the AirPods 1 & 2?

          A2:  Yes, the Trackeroo perfectly fits AirPods version 1 & 2.


  • Q3:  The AirPods 2 case charges wirelessly (on a Qi pad).  Can the AirPod 2

                 case charge with out removing the Trackeroo's silicone case?


              A3:  The Trackeroo case may be left on to charge an AirPod 2 case.


    • Q4:  Does the silicone case made the AirPod case water-proof?

              A4.  No.  The Trackeroo does not make AirPods water-proof.


    • Q5:  Does a tracking device come with the Trackeroo?

              A5.  No.  The tracking devices (or trackers) are sold separately here (link).